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Keep up the good spirits ...

This year, I witnessed 3 cases where good morale alone led to fast recoveries. I'm counting a case of pancreatic cancer, a young person bedridden for multiple diseases and injuries and the last one is a case of a sizable blood clot in the head. Three marvelous cases where I salute the powers of the mind. Sadly, I also witnessed a case of lost morale this year which tragically led to suicide.

The mind is a very powerful organ and can be just about our most absolute weapon to heal us as well as our most dangerous enemy to harm us. I've been a visitor in and out of hospitals this year more than usual, a few times in ICUs. I've seen and admired those who hold a positive mind, have a great chance of winning over any state of poor health.

Our health depends very much on how we perceive ourselves. Should we start getting depressed and lose our hopes to live, then this is a battle lost ahead of time. We often quickly resort to saying things like “Well, that’s life!” or "I'm too old. It's time to go“ or We all have to die one day from something!”

If we manage to keep a high spirit, then we open new doors to great powers from within that we hardly knew existed - the powers to heal ourselves. Keeping up the spirits helps unleash these tremendous powers of healing that lie within us and help us restore balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Therefore, the bitter truth is that the responsibility for our wellness and potential to live longer and in good health seems to lie entirely in our hands and to our mind to make the right decision i.e to get better. Through the mind - body connection, our thoughts and feelings have great impact on our health and well-being. A lack of hope and faith can kill all our chances of survival while finding a reason to live can quickly boost up our health.

In my last post on weight loss, I mentioned about the 50 trillions of cells in our body with 300 billions of them renewing every day supporting all parts of the body including blood, muscles, organs, bones, nerves, brain, etc... This is a staggering level of cells replacement process providing almost a new body within less than a year. I also like to think of this process as 50 trillions mini-you-soldiers with colonies of 300 billions fresh soldiers joining the squad everyday. It then seems physically impossible to host any kind disease in the body at least not over a long period of time, unless of course, part of us wants otherwise.

If you know anyone fighting against a serious disease, do support them morally. Do not let them give up easily or slip into a mind battle.

Treat them as brave soldiers and be grateful for every day that they've fought well. Fighting for life is obviously the biggest war of all but we often forget the hardships that they have to endure when we are not the ones fighting this war.

Also keep them happy and joyful. I know these are incredible antidotes for diseases. Diseases cannot stay in a body that's full of joy and hope.

Choose your conversations carefully with them as these can have grave repercussions on their health.

Being bedridden is frustrating, so please have a lot of patience and be more caring than usual. They have the ability to heal themselves and we just need to encourage them to do so ...

All my best and blessings,


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