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Yoga Retreats

The Sannyasa Wellness and Spa Journey

We offer you the perfect opportunity to make your yoga holidays in Mauritius an unforgettable experience in life.   

Wake up to the sound of local fauna and start the day with a pranayama class in the fresh morning air on the sandy beach of Trou-Aux-Biches. Then have a delicious and nutritious breakfast with plenty of time before starting a slow-paced Hatha flow aimed at loosening and relaxing the body and mind. Enjoy a massage of your choice for the rest of the day or take a swim in the lagoon, surfing, diving in the big blue, cycling or walking around to explore other neighbouring beaches

or simply enjoying the swimming pool and sun terrace of the centre. The day ends with a meditation class and in the evening, we have dinner and can sometimes gather together for a quick after-meal walk on the local beach. This formulates your perfect yoga holidays in Mauritius.

We also offer Karma, Mantra and Laughing yoga as options in our yoga retreats.

Our Karma Yoga is great fun. We look at ways we can help the society and the needy but also the much deeper principles in how we perform these selfless activities. This is the essence of our Karma Yoga. We have also recently launched our own charity in Madagascar helping the homeless kids in areas such as shelter, food, clothing, health and education. Our yoga retreats in Madagascar are more focussed on karma yoga activities on top of our usual yoga retreat program. Please check for more details.

Mantra is more an internal form of yoga, very much close to Meditation. At Sannyasa Wellness, we look at these disciplines based on the science of the Kundalini energy, the chakras and nadis.

If you are looking to make your yoga holidays in Mauritius a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience, please have a look at our yoga retreat packages below.

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