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Sannyasa Wellness Mauritius

The tropical island of Mauritius sets the perfect environment for sun, sea and its exclusive white sandy beaches. Our rehabilitation center in Mauritius is located a few minutes walk from the famous beach of Trou Aux Biches village. It provides the most unspoiled, pristine and traditional natural remedies, blending the perfect natural environment with the authentic forms of Yoga and Ayurveda from the Himalayas.

The rehabilitation centre in Mauritius provides our full range of services including Nutritional Diets, Herbal Medicines, Reflexology, Weight Loss and Detox Programs in addition to our specialities in Yoga and Ayurvedic therapies.

Private ensuite bedrooms are also available at the rehabilitation centre in Mauritius, offering a comprehensive service in close proximity for the comfort and convenience of our clients.

Sannyasa Wellness and Spa Mauritius is chic and modern with a sun terrace, garden and an outdoor swimming pool. The private bedrooms are on a generous surface area with tall french windows and balconies.

Fresh towels and linen are provided and the rooms are all fully maintained and serviced by our local staffs - fluent in English, French and Hindi.

Sannyasa Wellness Switzerland

Sannyasa Wellness Switzerland operates from its facilities in Geneva on the south shore of Lake Leman, surrounded by the most stunningly beautiful mountains, lakes, fauna and flora. The centre is about 20 minutes away from Geneva City and also quite close to the French border.

The Swiss centre offers the full range of Sannyasa Wellness and Spa services but predominantly, Nutritional Diets, Ayurvedic Massages and Yoga Therapies. ​

The premises are fully equipped with great massage rooms, a fitness

and rehabilitation area and is serviced by a team of highly qualified personnel in Ayurveda, Yoga and Nutrition. Our staffs are fluent in English and French.

Rehabilitation Center

Sannyasa Wellness India

Sannyasa Wellness India ensures our services are provided in the most authentic forms and in line with our philosophy and wellness values, in particular based on the Tridoshas principles.

Our partners in Rishikesh are long established centres, run by qualified personnel in Yoga, massages, Panchkarma Detox and other treatments such as Weight Loss, Anti Ageing and beauty therapies.

Sannyasa Wellness India also offers a carefully handpicked selection of local hotels, offering clean and comfortable accomodations and healthy food diets, situated in close proximity to the centres.

Our programs include an optional 7 days sightseeing tour in the Himalayas complete with hotels, breakfasts and taxis.

These programs can be tailored to the treatments required, the local sightseeings tours and activities.

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