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Spending a whole day cruising by catamaran three islets off the north coast of Mauritius - Gunner's Quoin, Flat Island and Gabriel Island. These islets are totally wild, uninhabited and most untouched landscapes around Mauritius. All of them are home to some amazingly pristine beaches and species like the national bird, the paille-en-queue and very often dolphins, turtles and humpback whales showing up absolutely in the wild. Strongly suggest to do this catamaran trip prior booking for any specific dolphin trips around Mauritius.


The excursion also includes taxi from Sannyasa Wellness retreat facilities to GrandBay where you hop on the catamaran. The catamaran trip starts around 930am, passing by Gunner's Quoin island, stopping for the first half day at Gabriel Island and then second half day at Flat Island, where an open BBQ buffet lunch is served. The catamaran usually heads back around 230 pm and back on Grand Bay around 4pm. Drinks (inc alcohol) are free throughout the whole journey and snorkeling accessories are also provided. This trip is an absolute must do as it is great value for money for a whole day trip, free taxi, food and drinks, snorkelling accessories, etc. Strongly suggest to book ahead particularly in high season between beginning of October to end of March.

The 3 islands Catamaran Trip

  • Refunds are allowed subject to 10 % administration costs.

  • Please confirm the dates of your bookings at prior making payment. Thank you.

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